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    About Us

    Secure Financial Services was founded in 1999, and was designed to provide loans for those less fortunate and to assist in educating consumers about various personal finance issues. Among some of the topics discussed are bad credit loans, mortgage/refinancing loans, credit cards, student loan information, credit reports and repair, and many other credit and financial help issues.

    Expect Fairness

    Unlike other lenders, our Loan Consultants don't make a commission based on the rate of the loan… so you get the rate you deserve.

    • Consultants highly trained in customer service
    • 24-hour-a-day online access
    • 7-day-a-week extended business hours

    Demand Privacy

    E-LOAN has fought for your right to know what lenders know about you and to keep your information private.

    • Strict controls over personal data
    • Lobbied aggressively for strongest privacy laws
    • Co-founded Californians for Privacy Now

    Seek Honesty

    E-LOAN is all about transparency in lending. Which means we believe in your right to know and your right to choose.

    • We list our rates along side other lenders
    • We never change your rate at closing
    • We never add extra fees at closing


    Secure Financial Services does not tolerate misrepresentation of the terms and conditions of a loan and strives to ensure that our customers are fully informed about the transactions they are considering. To achieve this goal, our Early Disclosure Package is automated to avoid manual processing errors, and centrally generated to ensure the package is sent to applicants within three business days from when their loan application is received.

    In addition, Secure Financial Services voluntarily provides customers with disclosures not required under any federal or state law. Special disclosures are given in the Early Disclosure Package and at closing so customers better understand the impact of their loan decision, the options available to them and terms of their loan with us. Below is a list of these disclosures.

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